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Sim Girl


Okay, to get the scouter, you just have to get Tomoko out on a date on the Space Trip. That is the pricey one, costing you a grand total of $5,000 to take Tomoko. Along with remembering key details about her, I suggest saving up and buying a ring for this date. The scouter is worth the trouble of saving up $6,000, though. You will come to appreciate it.

To get the glasses, take Kotomi out to the movies and make the date go well. If you do it correctly, you should get the glasses at the end when you leave.

To get the fragance, take Kotomi out to the Sleeping Forest and make the date go well. You will get the fragance when the date comes to an end.

In order to unlock the magazines, eyeglasses, fragrence, and knuckles you must go out on every date possible with Tomoko and Kotami.

To get the necklace, you will get to a certain part of the game where you must see Tomoko at the mall and try to take off her underwear then she'll give it to you.

To get the golden belt, take the nacklace to Akira and she'll ask you to beat the Bloody King and bring the golden belt to her, do that and she'll fix the necklace for you in 10 days and after 10 days when you go to pick it up she'll give you both the golden belt and the necklace.

To get the trophy, you need to go to the school at some time when Ryuji is there to challenge you to swim. If you win you'll get the trophy.

After you get everything talk to the mystic lady, Sara, a few times and then you'll be able to click on her and have sex with her.

In addition you'll be able to go into the basement talk to the lady down there, and then she'll become your maid, then give her a diamond or two and if you click ask she'll have sex with you and if you clck play she gives you a blow job.

Date of Birth: Nov. 21
Favorite Song: Blurry Eyes
Favorite Colors: red, blue, black, and pink
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Movie: Love Generation
Blood Type: AB
Chest: 88
Waist: 56
Hip: 89
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Guys She Likes: Strong and charming
Sign: Scorpio
Phone #: 866-656-7354
Favorite Car: Carrera GT
Last Name: Saeki

Birthday: August 29
Favorite Song: You and Me song
Favorite Colors: black, red, brown, yellow
Favorite Food: Noodle Soup
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Blood Type: O
Chest: 84
Waist: 53
Hip: 83
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Guys She Likes: Intelligent and charming
Sign: Virgo
Phone #: 866-731-8410
Favorite Car: 360 Spider
Last Name: Takanashi

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